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Global Experts Foundation
Bringing together expert knowledge and vision from worldwide experts on health, food, and well-being
Solutions in Health, Food
and Well-Being
We are a foundation that has over 20 years of experience in identifying topics in the areas of health, food and well-being. To create solutions to these topics we see that the practical experience of experts holds the key. Our foundation facilitates and coordinates the complete process from identifying topics for research, to guiding experts to develop solutions in an independent environment, and publishing the outcomes in accessible reports for the wider public.
Identifying the Need
We observe the health, nutrition and well-being industries to identify topics and issues in need of professional, scientific reflection and consensus by experts. During the development phase of the initiative, we also consults important stakeholders to better understand and evaluate the relevance of a chosen topic.
The Expert Procedure
We initiate an expert project by approaching global experts with personal and practical knowledge and experiences on these issues. We connect them to work collectively on presenting and defining relevant approaches and solutions and integrate this into a vision that we publish in (inter)national reports to boost and/or start new initiatives and ideas.
Through the final report, we present the expert-group's vision and solutions in an accessible, understandable and transparent way to the public. From this basis, follow-up activities can be developed that put these solutions into practice. The Foundation works with partners to implement the solutions in the best way.
Our goal is to present extensive practical and valuable know-how, vision and practical experience of worldwide experts to the public in an easily understandable and accessible way.
Our Projects
A look inside what we develop
Clinical relevance & patient relevance of a Treat-and-Extend treatment regimen in ophthalmology for macular disorders
This report has been prepared in response to signals from various parties involved in the eye care of macular disorders that there is a large variation between ophthalmologists in the treatment policy with eye injections (intravitreal injections, IVIs) with anti-Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) drugs. The current guidelines for these disorders do not provide clear guidelines for the optimal treatment schedule.
Food has an essential value in our lives through its ability to give health and well-being as well as create relationships, our culture and traditions. Connection to food means being aware of this value. On a global scale, however, we see signals of unsustainability. 'Chill-Food' is a global initiative which assesses the importance of re-connecting children to food and all its connected factors as an essential method for securing a sustainable future and feeding habits. Started in Italy as a first example-country, the 'Chill-Food Italia' model was published in October 2020.
Global Young Leaders
Global Young Leaders is GEF's first young leader expert project that tackles specifically youth well-being and personal leadership and development. Using the Foundation's framework, GYL saw the coming together of 8 international young people to respond to the question: what are the common approaches and tools young people use in creating their life path in a way that makes them happy. The resulting handbook presents a unique model on Decision-Making with tools and understandings for others, by young people, for young people.
Our Unique Approaches
Through our expert procedure framework, the topics are analyzed in a unique way from multiple perspectives and built around a guiding question to which the experts respond from their extensive know-how and expertise.
  • Vision
    We encourage experts to capture their knowledge and experience into a vision. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in substantiating this insight into reports, building a bridge between expert knowledge and the public.
  • Expert Groups
    The procedure creates a stimulating environment in which experts can freely share scientific, professional and practical knowledge. Experts have shown enthusiasm and inspiration for exchanging their know-how with other experts.
  • Transparency
    The foundation emphasizes the importance of "translating" this knowledge to the wider public. The findings are always published with transparency to both professionals and the general public.
  • Stakeholder Support
    The expert procedures so far have been supported by numerous stakeholders that aimed to promote discussion about such topics.

Discover our other published work
The outcome of our 'expert procedure' framework is a published report, in print and online, freely available to the public. This report acts as a vehicle to boost existing initiatives and inspire new ones. Through this report and follow-up workshops and conferences, we build a platform where experts from various fields can share their knowledge and expertise.

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